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"Client Testimonial: February 14, 2014.

Rick Pecman was referred to me by my husband’s best friend who had found and purchased a home with his wife a few months earlier under Rick’s care. He describes Rick as a really great guy who goes beyond the needs of his clients to find them a home of their liking.
I decided to give Rick a call to set up a meeting just to let him know that I was beginning to look for a home with my husband, but that we did not have a timeline yet. He responded to me immediately and we discussed my concerns, likes/dislikes and price range.
Rick immediately went to work to locate homes in the area of our liking, sending me information on a daily basis of homes within our budget, location preference and likings. He set up appointments and showed me various homes, always offering his feedback and support.
What impressed me immensely was the fact that Rick was constantly looking for me even when I was feeling frustrated, yet he never made me feel the pressure of settling for anything less than what we really wanted. Our taste is modest and we were definitely not the type of client that would make Rick a great deal of money but he didn’t care about that. His goal was the same as ours: to find us a home to spend our lives, not just a house to live in.
Not only did he research on our behalf, he also got information on homes that we had found on the internet ourselves. He always made us feel like we were his number 1 client; responding immediately, keeping communication going and providing us with his expertise based on our needs.
Within 6 months, we had found a home. Rick guided us through the process of offers and the sale. When all was said and done, he even came to our home to welcome us and checked out various items in the house with me to ensure everything was in proper working order.
We are so thrilled with our home and so appreciative of the support of our friend and agent, Rick Pecman.
I highly recommend Rick to anyone looking for a home of any shape or size. He will guarantee your satisfaction. Thank you Rick for everything you did for us! You made a very huge and important experience ‘stressless’ for us!

Very Sincerely,
Jill Groves
Bowmanville, Ontario

- Jill Groves

""As a first-time home buyer, Rick was extremely patient and knowledgeable - and I think as excited as we were to find the perfect starter home! His personal touch and level of service were greatly appreciated and I look forward to working with him again when it comes time for the next big move... Thanks for everything Rick!"


- Joanna, Whitby

" Whether you're selling your home, condominium, or seasonal home, I highly recommend Rick Pecman of Royal LePage Frank to "Help" you from initial consultations through to successful completion of the transaction. Rick's professionalism, work ethics, enthusiasm, communication skills, marketing and networking made the task of "Leasing" my Condo (in less than 1 Week !!) an easy and wonderful exprience. Working hard to exceed my expectations and utilizing many resources and the support team of Royal LePage Frank, Rick is highly recommended if you're looking for a Realtor who treats clients with respect and integrity. I look foward to partnering again with him on any future transactions.


- Elizabeth Langerak, Whitby

" I have known Rick Pecman for more than fifteen years and find him very friendly, trustworthy and dependable. He is very knowledgeable about gardening and I often rely on his expertise. I will certainly look to Rick for my real estate needs.


- Jim Bate, Oshawa

""Sellers/Buyers Testimonial
Would we recommend Rick when buying or selling, in a HEARTBEAT, his attention to detail no matter how serious or not are attended to promptly. We feel we got the whole package when we met him. Honesty- knowledge, dedication, a great agent as well as a friend. ""

- Jack and Jean, Ajax

""Sellers Testimonial
Rick was a tireless agent with top notch marketing skills. Rick will never leave you waiting for information, his communication response time is incredibly fast. I highly recommend Rick if results are what you are looking for.

- Mike Chase, Brooklin

""Sellers/Buyers Testimonial
We were very pleased with all the help we received from Rick Pecman. When we contacted Rick at first,it was to sell our home. We were greeted with his friendly smile. He sent us e-mails of homes that were listed and sold in our area.
The task was not easy. We confided our situation to Rick and was pleasantly surprised that he was willing to help us. At first we did not think we would be able to receive the price we wanted. But with Rick's perseverance it was soon SOLD!
It was now time to look for a new home. He took the time to listen to what we wanted and sent us e-mails of suggestions. He spent many evenings and weekends with us looking for that special home.
When we suggested locations he would send us what was available and would accompany us no matter how far, to see the homes with us. He spent many evenings and weekends with us until we located the one we wanted. Although we changed our location many times. We finally decided to look at new homes. It was at a location far away at a new home that we learned about a resale home that was available for sale, and Rick quickly arranged for us to see it the same day. What a surprise it was. It was what we were looking for. With the help of Rick the offer was typed and presented. Rick was careful and did excellent job negotiating.. Our offer was accepted!!
We recommend Rick Pecman highly and thanks to his good work we are now settled in our new home.


- Joe and Patricia, Ajax /Lindsay

""Sellers/Buyers Testimonial
During the time we were looking for a new home and thinking about selling our present place, we were leery of getting a real estate agent involved, fearing that s/he may become a pest, bugging us too often for details or trying to push properties on us or to list our place before we were ready. We knew people like that existed.

When I went across our street to poke my nose into an open house he was hosting, curious about what kind of place could be had for what price, I was pleasantly surprised to find a personable salesman, ready with an answer to any question but not trying to dig too much info from me. As I walked home again I made up my mind to recommend him to my wife who was even more skeptical about others than myself. As soon as she had a chance to talk with him she was won over.

Since then I have found Rick Pecman to be about as honest and unpushy as we could wish for. He also displayed an amazing amount of willingness to help with our quest to find a new place, even to the extent of traveling on more than one all-day road trip (at his expense) to attend a home inspection on the other side of Ontario. His high-quality advice and willingness to help in preparing our Oshawa home for sale has been as generous as it has been effective.

Should we need to sell our new place I would wish to have someone as affable and expert as Rick Pecman to represent our interests.
Thank you, Rick.


- Tim and Maggie, Oshawa/West Lorne

"Sellers Testimonial
Hello Rick,I apologize for taking so long to reply to your message, I have been really busy at work etc etc., I know its no excuse but anyway, I do hope you can add my testimonial to your portfolio as I think there are a few wonderful things people should know about you when thinking of choosing you as their realtor.

I met you when you came along with one of your client's to view my house for rent. Although your client did not choose to rent my house, I was very fortunate that I met you as who knew what an integral part you were going to play in the lives of myself and my daughter. The next few months would be extremely hard for me and you were there to help me navigate thru the worst part.

I was a single mom, who had bought her first house. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter: the recession hit and I was laid off from my job. Unable to find job for almost a year, I was left with the only other alternative, go where the job were. I did, which meant moving to another town. I also had to rent out my house, to keep up the mortgage payments.

"How hard could it be, all I have to do is have the renters sign a lease and deposit the rent in the mortgage account, and everything would be fine. Oh! no, its not that easy being a landlord. Anyway, after a year of agony dealing with difficult renters, I was at my wit's end. I could not manage this house and all the complications of dealing with troublesome renters as well as coping with a new job, in a new city and all else that comes along with moving.

My luck changed when the renters choose to move out. I was showing the house for rental when I happened to meet Rick. He was with a client, helping her find a rental. He introduced himself to me and later contacted me with his client's views on my house. How Sweet!

The showings, weren't going that great as I had a renter in the house. Driving in every weekend from out of town to show the house, was too much for me to handle. That's when I remembered this kind man, Rick. I called Rick, and had a long talk with him about all the issues I was facing. Rick, stepped in like an "Angel". He took control of things from there on. The renters moved out with out incident. Thanks to Rick, his dedication to ensuring I was not put through any more stress. He helped me put the house up for sale, knowing that if I got a renter before the sale I would have to rent to meet my mortgage obligations or risk defaulting and losing the house. He found me a renter and knowing my financial situation forfeited his commission with the only promise to contact him when I was ready to sell. It happened two months later. Once again we were back to square one. I gave up, but not Rick. He promised me he would do all he could to get me a fast sell.

He helped me prepare the house for sell, he landscaped the front lawn at his own expense. He watered the lawn and flowers and kept going and going until 30 days later he called me with an offer.

I cried, it was the best news I had had in a long time. I was relieved and it was all because of Rick's hard work and dedicated and his best quality, he took care and treated me like family. I would never want to experience those bleak days, but if I had too I would want Rick there again.

I will remember him and his kindness for the rest of my days! Thank you, Rick! May God Bless you and your family.


- Valerie, Oshawa

"Helping Us With Our First Home!!!

We never expected our first home to be perfect. We are young and had a specific budget and limited knowldege of the real estate market and process. Rick was amazing. That one word sums it all up. He was patient, attentive, and approachable. Within the first few hours of working with Rick he already understood what we were looking for even though we weren't even sure what that was! We appreciated that he worked within our budget and never tried to oversell or pressure us. He was honest about the good and the bad and answered every single one of our many questions. His level of service is extremely high. As first time home buyers we can truly say that working with Rick was an absolute pleasure and we would do it again and we've been recommending him to all our friends and family. Rick exceeded our expectations and found us the perfect home, we honestly couldn't have done it without him

- Karla and Brent, Bowmanville

""I first met Rick on my first day of house hunting when I decided to check out some open houses on a Sunday afternoon to get my feet wet. As soon as I met Rick at his open house, I realized he was not like any of the other agents I would come to meet that day. While I felt hussled and pressured by the other agents to sign on with them, Rick alternatively offered to take me around and see if he was the right fit for me without signing a contract. In Rick I immediately saw a man who genuinely wanted to help me and who took pride in his relationships with his clients. At his open house he referred to his clients by their first names, and at first it struck me odd how he spoke of this family as though they were part of his own, but I soon realized that is exactly how Rick feels about his clients. They become his extended family. What makes Rick so special as an agent is that he truly wants to find families homes. Not houses, but homes. And like family would do, he listened and got to know me and my housing needs, and became my support system while house hunting. He immediately determined through casual conversations exactly what I was looking for and only took me to houses that met my criteria. The best thing about Rick's approach is that there was never any pressure. If I wasn't interested in a home, he wouldn't question me and he never made it feel like I was too picky or wasting his time. He always remained positive my dream house was out there when I would feel overwhelmed. Rick would always look at the houses as objectively as I would: pointing out both pros and more importantly, cons. He was completely invested in finding a home that felt right, not one that just seemed right on paper. During our visits, he wasn't afraid to point out repairs that would be needed, structural issues or other such things that a casual observer may not have noticed. His experience with the housing market made it easy to hone in on my best matches and he never encouraged me to change my budget or to let go of some of my look fors. He was my second set of eyes and I trusted his judgement and his opinions.
When my first offer fell through due to a bidding war that got way out of my league, Rick was beside me the whole time, and the first to hug and console me. He immediately encouraged me to "get back on the horse" and keep looking even though I felt so disappointed.

I could be myself and honest around Rick so it never felt like a client-agent relationship, but more like a tag team on the hunt for "our" home. Rick's not a 9-5 real estate agent: it's his passion. He would email me on holidays and check in all of the time to see how I was doing, so I always felt like he was in my corner and cheering me on. If a house came up, he would make himself available, even on a Friday night or during a busy weekend of open houses.

I am now settled in my dream home thanks to Rick. It has everything I was looking for and more. It's in my budget, it's in my area of choice and most importantly: it's home, thanks to Rick. Rick saw the listing before it even hit MLS, took me to see it a few hours later, and by that night...the rest is history! When Rick came to visit as soon as I took possession and saw my excitement I knew that making dreams come true really is his specialty.

Without a doubt, I would recommend my good friend and now extended family member Rick to anyone. There's no one else like him."

- Andrea, Whitby

"As a client of Rick Pecman, we would highly recommend him to anyone looking for, or trying to sell real estate in the Durham area.

Rick has spent the last five months helping us locate the perfect home in the Durham area. I suspect we are "high maintenance" clients; yet Rick has been extremely patient with us. He listens carefully to our needs and spends a tremendous amount of time visiting and evaluating new homes for us to view. Since we are relocating to this area from Northern Ontario we were expecting a huge challenge due to the distance and unfamiliarity of the area. This has not been the case. Rick keeps in contact with us several times a day to keep us informed of new listings or price changes. We feel very comfortable and reassured knowing he is doing everything in his power to locate us a home. He always keeps a very positive attitude and creates a fun atmosphere, which has been very welcome in our house hunting adventure. Rick operates with honesty and integrity and he has gained our trust and respect.

Rick also has a very good network of professionals who can provide real estate - related services and/or advice: home inspectors, contractors, landscapers, lawyers, bankers, mortgage brokers and even other Realtors.

In a word, Rick is an outstanding Realtor. His skill,professional demeanour, intelligence and perseverance are an asset to the real estate market.

We would be pleased to speak directly to anyone considering Rick as his or her Realtor."

- Julie and Gilles, Brooklin

"Rick Pecman, our Real Estate Agent... Helping Us With Our First Home!

Derek and I met Rick Pecman in March at one of his listings in Newcastle. We both felt very comfortable around him immediately and knew he was the right choice for our lifetime realtor. Rick understood our wants and needs for our first house and was very patient with our picky lists of must haves. He went the extra mile with researching all the towns and surrounding areas for us when we found houses we liked, so we went into each viewing with our eyes wide open. Anytime we had questions we both felt comfortable asking Rick and knew he would find out the answers for us as soon as possible. Rick worked around our crazy schedules as we both work different shifts and found a way to make it happen when we needed him most. We especially appreciated the knowledge he brought to the table each time we looked at a new house. He pointed out positives and negatives of each house so we could make informed decisions about our next step. Being first time buyers, we were both nervous about buying a house that we did not truly love and Rick was always supportive and did not pressure us to make decisions we were not sure about. Rick helped us find our dream home and we appreciate all the help he has given us. We would both recommend Rick to anyone buying or selling a house and plan on having him as our realtor for any future purchases.

- Ashley and Derek, Orono

"Selling your house can be so stressful and in selecting the Right Realtor can make all the difference-- How lucky I was to have Rick Pecman guide and help me, during the difficult times he was always there with a cheerful smile and good advice. He was willing and prompt-- "Above and Beyond" helping in every way. I will recommend him to my friends and customers so they too may have his professional advice. Thanks Rick for all your great help and holding my hand all the way. "

- Poppy, Newcastle

"Purchasing a home can be a daunting task, let alone it being your first, but our expereince was made SO much easier through meeting Rick Pecman! We are so thrilled to have had the privilege of working with him on buying our first home. I know that without Rick we would not have been able to purchase the home that we did. He took his time with us and really got to know not only what we were looking for in a house, but also got to know us and what this house meant to us. With his knowledge and dedication to the job he was able to walk us through step by step and keep us well informed of everything that was happening behind the scenes. I would recommend calling Rick regarding any aspect of the real estate business as he is honest and down to earth and eager to help in any way. We look foward to working with Rick again in the future for our real estate needs! Thank you so much for everything that you did in working on our behalf. We would never have been able to find a house in 3 weeks otherwise!!"


- Brad and Sarah, Newcastle
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